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October 24, 2022

Celeb Chef Curtis Stone Corden’s Great at My Restaurant … Don’t Out Patrons, Y’all

James Corden Takes Back Apology to NYC Restaurant Owner of Balthazar

Speaking of which, we asked Curtis if KMN broke an unwritten rule in the service industry, which is to protect the privacy of customers, especially the most famous ones, even if they’re a little rude.

Check out his response…he says those should be safe spaces. 👀

Awaiting your permission to upload Instagram Media.

McNally’s motives have been questioned throughout the debacle: in fact, he’s been flipping like a fish, lifting his ban and showing sympathy for Corden and extending an olive branch by offering free food if the guy apologizes to the waiters.

It’s weird, to say the least…but on the subject of complaining about the food/service — Curtis seems to be siding with James, assuming things were horribly wrong with the orders.