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September 27, 2022

Placing a commercial fridge on its side is not a good idea. It can cause serious damage to its internal components, drawers, doors and shelves. Therefore, it is best to never try to place a commercial fridge on its side. You should also avoid transporting it on its side.

Before placing a commercial fridge on its side, you should always make sure it is switched on. Refrigerators use a compressor that continuously condenses and evaporates refrigerant gas to maintain a constant temperature. The compressor also contains specially formulated oils to lubricate and cool the mechanical parts. Placing a refrigerator on its side can cause these oils to clog and prevent refrigerant gas from passing through the coils.

Before you turn your refrigerator on its side, you need to defrost it. This is a safer way to move it. Also, if you have a large refrigerator with French doors, it may not be practical to put it on its side. They are typically wide and deep, and the doors can fall or swing open while you are moving it. You should also turn off your refrigerator and leave it on its side for a few hours before moving it.

The fridge needs to sit upright in an upright position for about four hours before you can plug it in and switch it on. The compressor needs this time to settle back into its cooling lines. Otherwise, it will cause more damage.

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