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May 3, 2023

If you want to add a commercial griddle to your kitchen, you can choose from a variety of models. Some of these griddles are sturdy and only 16 inches wide, while others have wide plates with flame controls. The glasses available in these sizes will be a great addition to any kitchen.

Besides pizzas, a commercial griddle can be used to cook a variety of other foods. While the pizzas are obvious, you can make a whole meal on it, including a simple sur-da-turf meal with steak and shrimp, vegetables and bread. You can experiment with different recipes and cooking methods with the granite grid.

It is good to clean the grid regularly to avoid food contamination and improve the taste. Also, regular cleaning increases the life of the griddle and helps to manage the heat correctly. If you notice a stain on the surface, use the degreaser formula on it. When it is completely clean, wipe it dry using a clean cloth.

Commercial grade grills are a great addition to any restaurant or commercial kitchen. These griddles come in a variety of sizes and can be installed on an existing stove or range. Most manufacturers have models that are built with a griddle instead of a burner. Before you install the griddle, make sure it has the correct power source. You can also contact the manufacturer to make sure it works with the range you have.

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