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October 9, 2022

According to The NPD Group, breakfast was the most important meal of the day for the US restaurant industry in August based on its growth rate. An industry analyst says breakfast restaurant traffic grew 4 percent in August compared to the same month last year and is now within 1 percent of pre-pandemic restaurant traffic.

Quick service restaurant (QSR) breakfast, representing 87 percent of restaurant traffic, increased visits by 5 percent in the month compared to last year. August traffic growth for QSR breakfast was 1 percent above what it was in August 2019. Overall QSR traffic was flat in August, lunch traffic was down 2 percent, and dinner traffic was up 1 percent in the month compared to August 2021.

Breakfast sandwiches were the top food choice at QSR breakfast, with 37 percent of all QSR breakfast orders including the item in August. Food sandwich servings were up 4 percent in the month from last year, an increase of 14 percent compared to August 2019. Coffee was the top beverage ordered at QSR breakfast, with 52 percent of all August QSR breakfast orders including coffee. Brewed coffee rose 11 percent in the month compared to last year and up 2 percent from pre-pandemic levels in August 2019.

“Breakfast at restaurants was affected at the beginning of the epidemic, and it is recovering now because many consumers have returned to other ways outside,” says David Portalatin, a consultant for the food industry in NPD and author of Eating Patterns in. America. “Breakfast is an important day for the US restaurant industry, and it encourages consumers to find new reasons and ways to grab breakfast from home.”