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April 18, 2023

The 48 drink sandwich prep table is the perfect choice for anyone who needs a high quality, quick prep top. Its efficient cooling system provides a uniform temperature distribution throughout the cabinet, resulting in a lower temperature difference. This table cools open containers from the ground up without the need for an air blanket, ensuring that your product is always at or below 41°F. To even serve quickly, just add more toppings at the bottom of the table.

This tabletop sandwich prep table features a ten-inch deep polyethylene cutting board and a 12 1/6-inch food pan. The heavy-duty pan liner prevents spillage and improves food safety. A 1/4-hp compressor powers the tabletop refrigeration system and operates on an environmentally friendly refrigerator. Refrigerant R290 reduces the environmental impact of your work. Desktop design streamlines workflows and improves productivity.

If you are a new home remodeler, an air conditioning unit will be a good solution. It is easy to use and requires little maintenance. The downside is that it has limited power. The cold wall model is more complex, with cold lines running through the table structure. Choosing a cold wall allows for a higher output, but can result in uneven temperatures. A sandwich prep table with a cold wall is a great option for those who need a large refrigerator but space is limited.

The 48-piece sandwich prep table provides ample work space for preparing sandwiches. Stainless steel construction extends product life and is ideal for jobs that prepare sandwiches in front of customers. The ergonomic design of the table ensures ease of use when preparing food and improves productivity and organization. There are additional storage drawers on the table for bread, cheese, and snacks. The 48 drink sandwich prep table is compatible with a 115V electrical connection.

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