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May 26, 2022

People in the food service industry have a new option for buying commercial kitchen and dining room equipment.

Food Service Exchange, or FSX, sells overstock, discontinued, and scratch & dent equipment and supplies with discounts averaging more than 50 percent below retail value. It’s a place where manufacturers and distributors can sell never-used equipment that would otherwise take up space in their warehouses. Ovens, refrigerators, tables, plates, glasses and so much more — FSX offers amazing deals on everything listed.

Think of it as the Nordstrom Rack of the foodservice industry.

Buying from FSX can cut food service startup costs by thousands of dollars. Before FSX, new restauranteurs could easily drop $50,000 on kitchen equipment alone — tables, booths, chairs, and other accessories only added to the bill. Meanwhile, established food service businesses can replace appliances and replenish aging supplies without as much fear for their bottom lines.

Here are a few other benefits of choosing overstock, discontinued, and scratch & dent equipment and supplies:

1.These are NEW products

Buying used food service equipment can be a sensible option, especially if you have carefully vetted the seller. But you’ll be the first owner of surplus and discontinued products. You won’t need to worry whether equipment was even broken, misused, or generally abused.

2. Most of these products were recently launched.

Most products that manufacturers and distributors sell through FSX are 1 to 3 years old. They’re not the absolute newest models, but they are new enough to be energy efficient and incorporate the latest technologies.

3. Direct shipping

Distributors and manufacturers who sell equipment through FSX will ship your purchases straight to your door. There’s no need to worry about picking up your new supplies.

4. Warranty coverage

Most surplus and discontinued items come with their original manufacturer’s warranties. On the FSX website, customers can view specific product information to see whether warranties are included.

5. Additional scratch-and-dent discounts

Scratched or dented food service products — usually damaged while being used as demo models — often end up in warehouses collecting dust. Now, manufacturers and distributors can sell these products through FSX with even bigger price cuts. (Any scratches and dents on products are disclosed on the website.)

The new marketplace for overstock, discontinued, and scratch & dent equipment and supplies will help cut costs throughout the foodservice industry.