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May 18, 2023

Worktop freezers combine undercounter freezers with counter space for food preparation, making them invaluable additions to kitchens of any size. Space is often at a premium in commercial kitchens, and too much equipment can impede your staff. Worktop freezers eliminate trips to other refrigeration units by allowing chefs to remain at their workstations. This boosts productivity and reduces foot traffic through often-bustling kitchens.

Best Uses for Worktop Freezers

Commercial worktop freezers can be useful in restaurants of all types and sizes. However, these freezers are most often used in delis, sandwich shops, and pizzerias. The under-counter freezer units are ideal for fresh produce, meats, and seafoods. Some worktop freezers have refrigeration units for storing condiments, soups, dressings, and garnishes. Also, the countertops come with backsplashes to control food debris and sliding utensils.

Worktop Freezer Sizes and Configurations

Worktop freezers come in a wide range of sizes for all kinds of kitchen layouts. The smallest worktop freezers are 5.7 cubic feet and 27 inches wide, and the largest models are 27 cubic feet and 67 inches wide. When shopping for worktop freezers, be sure to measure the height of any countertops that might be adjacent to your new unit — ideally, you’d want the height of your freezer to match up with your countertops.

Worktop freezers also come with one or two sections. Each section has racks and drawers for storing ingredients. Some worktop freezers have clear doors for seeing inside, but freezers with solid doors have better insulation.

Special Features of Worktop Freezers

Manufacturers often design worktop freezers with special features that make them even more versatile. Freezers with special features also tend to not need as many repairs. Some of these special features may include:

  • Self-cleaning condensers: Cleaning a freezer’s condenser coils is one of the best ways to avoid expensive repairs. A freezer with self-cleaning condensers is more likely to operate without costly interruptions.
  • Heavy-duty shelves: Need to load up the freezer with heavier foods? Freezers with heavy-duty shelving can handle the load.
  • Built-in cutting boards: Worktop freezers with built-in cutting boards can add convenience and reduce foot traffic through any commercial kitchen.
  • Digital temperature controls with LED screen: Digital controls let you keep your freezer’s temperature exactly where you want. An LED temperature display can also alert you when your freezer isn’t maintaining temperatures as it should — a red flag that maintenance is needed.
  • Automatic defrosting: Meats and other frozen foods can always be ready for chefs when stored in freezers with timed and automated defrosting.
  • Heavy-duty casters for easy moving: Commercial kitchen freezers are heavy when loaded up with food. Freezers equipped with heavy-duty casters can be pushed across most kitchen floors without needing to be unpacked.
  • Defrost drains: Defrost drains keep freezers free from excess moisture that could lead to more serious problems.
  • Energy-efficient ratings: Commercial kitchen freezers with Energy Star ratings are at least 20 percent more efficient than standard freezers and can cost more than $100 less per year to operate. Investments in energy efficiency often pay for themselves over time.
  • Removable baskets: Food prep is easier when sets of ingredients can be stored in baskets that slide in and out from the freezer.

Compressor Location

Always check the location of compressors when shopping for worktop freezers. Compressors should not be placed directly against walls or other pieces of kitchen equipment — there must be at least a small amount of space. This could affect the placement of your worktop freezer, so just plan accordingly.

Find the Right Worktop Freezer for your Business at FSX

Worktop freezers can improve productivity while saving valuable space in your commercial kitchen. They’re ideal for specific quick-service styles of restaurants, but they can be useful in all kinds of food service establishments. Here at FSX, we provide high-quality worktop freezers at discounted prices. Our wide selection ensures that you are able to find the freezer option that best fits your restaurant needs without overspending.

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