How Much Is Bar Equipment

A good margin will vary significantly depending on the business and size of the business, but as a general rule, a 10% net profit margin is considered average, a 20% margin is considered high (or […]

What Equipment Do You Need For A Home Bar

What equipment is needed for a home bar? Something you need Jigger. Small Tin and Large Tin. Spoon Bar or Chopsticks. Large Cube Tray. Juicer elbow. Y-Peeler and Paring knife. Pour Spouts. flooding Mat. What […]

De Boissons Hampshire Beverage Dispenser

De Boissons Hampshire Beverage Dispencer is a catering equipment serving cold drinks and iced tea. The dispenser is equipped with two separate compartments for various drinks. Each compartment has a chalkboard wall mount so you […]

What Equipment Do Bar Grills Use

How are horizontal sliding grills or vertical security grills openable? In Groups B, F, M and S, horizontal sliding or vertical safety grilles are permitted on the main exit and must be openable from the […]